Gwinear Gallimaufry of Enjoyable events.

Click here to see the Christmas Tree Festival 2018 - Favourite Books

2018 Christmas Tree Festival

If you are interested in joining our Pleasure Walks, please contact

Click here to see the walk Around Godolphin Estate and Hill.

Around Godolphin Estate and Hill

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Botetoe Bridge Walk

Click here to see the Botetoe Bridge walk

Botetoe Bridge Walk

Next walk -Thursday August 16th at 7p.m  around Praze an Beeble. details to come from Geoff. Contact 01736851173 for further information

Crafty Opportunities
Crafty opportunities for all ages at the festival. Click the picture for more details
Open Crafty Opportunities

2018 Tree Festival
St Gwinear Parish Church 2018 Christmas Tree Festival - Our favourite books
Click the Christmas Tree for more information
Open 2018 Tree Festival

Lammastide 2016
On the first Sunday in August we gather at a local farm for a special service at which the first loaf of the season is offered. Offerings are brought for a shared tea. Please click the blue text above for more information.
Open Lammastide 2016

Garden Fete 2016
Richard has a great time making bears bounce! Please click the blue text above for more information.
Open Garden Fete 2016

Community Lunch
Enjoy a soup and sweet lunch at Wall Chapel. Click on the blue link for more information
Open Community Lunch